Yesterday, I ran across a copy of Cobra Triangle for the NES at a Goodwill for a dollar. At first, I was elated, until I got home and glanced at the back of the cartridge…

Turns out this particular copy of Cobra Triangle has been misplaced by one Jake Buchanan! Now, I could theorize for hours over how this happened. Perhaps some crack-addled crackhead broke in to Mr. Buchanan’s house and stole his copy of Cobra Triangle, hoping it would fetch hundreds of dollars at Goodwill while being oblivious to the fact that Goodwill doesn’t offer money for anything. Maybe the inflow of donations to Goodwill has slowed to a trickle, causing the company to hire professional thieves to break into people’s houses and steal their wares, I dunno. The point is this:

Jake Buchanan is missing his copy of Cobra Triangle!

This is where you come in, Dear Reader. tele-games 2600 is all about being altruistic and honest, and I would assume that our readers are similarly selfless. So, if you happen to know a Jake Buchanan that recently had his copy of Cobra Triangle nicked, please contact us by leaving a comment below. With your help, Mr. Buchanan will once again be able to fire bullets from a motorized boat in a game designed for a nearly thirty year old system. Thank you.